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Vaginal Hemorrhaging from mesh support that has hardened, deteriorated or broken free from its surgically implanted location is a serious risk. Internal pelvic hemorrhaging may not always be recognizable until it is too late.
In addition to internal bleeding, the list of potential symptoms is long:

  • Restricted vaginal diameter from scar tissue
  • Vaginal pain during sex
  • Pelvis and vaginal pain when not having sex
  • Urinary retention problems
  • Organ perforation of vaginal wall
  • Internal infection
  • Mesh exposure and bleeding through the vagina

Sofradim is a mesh manufacturer

Sofradim Makes:

  • Uretex TO
  • Avaulta Biosynthetic
  • Uretex Pubovaginal Sling and support kit
  • Pelvetex Polypropylene Mesh

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Journal of Urology
American Urological Association Foundation,
Phone: 1–866–RING–AUA (746–4282) or 410–689–3700

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